Special Travel Insurance

travel-insuranceSpecial Travel Insurance For High Way Express Road

It is an insurance product for passengers who travel on highway road by private cars, express or hired vehicle.

Who can buy?

1. Express /highway bus passengers (local or foreigners) traveling more than 100 miles.
2. Passengers travel by own cars or hired vehicle.

Premium Rate

1. One unit is MMK 300 (per ticket).
2. A passenger can buy maximum 2 units MMK 600.
3. It can cover one way trip or 24 hours and for both express/highway bus passengers and
   own car/hired vehicles passengers.


Compensate for death, injury and medical expense. Compensation is MMK 3 million per ticket.

No.   Item  Premium(MMK)  Unit  Compensation (MMK)
 1.  Death 300 1 3000000
600 2 6000000
 2.  Injury 300 1 According to the doctor’s recommendation
Maximum amount is MMK 2.4 Million .
600 2 According to the doctor’s recommendation
Maximum amount  is MMK 4.8 Million .