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Life Insurance

Different people have different requirements, since they have many plans for their feature so let keep life insurance to assure your family and your future.

You can keep six kind of life insurance in Global World Insurance.

Public Life Insurance

Limit of age  : Age between (10) to (55) years 
Term of Insurance : At least (5) years 
Sum Insurance  : Minimum ks- 50,000 , Maximum ks- (30) millions 
Premium Rate : The amount of premium depends on insurance term, age and sum Insured
Benefit : The following advantages can get;
-    Policy loan
-    Surrender value
-    Paid up policy
-    Maturity
-    Total permanent for disability.
Each of people needs to do medical check-up for this policy.
Let me cater for your requirement.


Group Life Insurance


Limit of age  : Age between (18) to (60) years.
If the insured person is over (50)years (or) sum insured is above (1)  Million, the medical check-up is needed to apply. The insured person must be at least (5) persons who are in good health. 
Term of Insurance : One year
Sum Insurance  : Minimum ks- 10,000 , Maximum ks- (5) million. 
Premium Rate : Depends on sum insured.
Benefits : For injury; it depends on the percentage rate of sum insured.
For disappear; the beneficiary can get the total insured value if the insured die.


Snake Bite Insurance

Limit of age  : No limit of age 
Term of Insurance : One year 
Sum Insured : Ks- 500,000 for (1)unit within (1)year,
Ks- (5)millions for (10)units within (1)year. 
Premium Rate : Ks (500) for (1)unit
Benefits : For death, blindness, hemiplegic and various losses, medical Expenses and transportation cost, the insured person can receive the amount of benefit with the doctor’s recommendation.


Sports-men Life Insurance

Limit of age  : Age between (10) to (60)years. 
Term of Insurance  : One year
Sum Insured  : From (1)unit to (5)units.
 Ks (1)million for (1)unit. 
Premium Rate : Ks-5,000 for (1)unit
Benefits : For injury, and hospitalization, the amount benefit depends on the doctor’s recommendation.
For death, total insured value can be got.



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