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Fire Insurance


Every people can face unseen and  unexpected risk  every times (by fire).When you face the loss ,you cannot get the peace of mind. So, you can possess the happy life with peace of mind by keeping  insurance policy  in our Global World.

Every  owner  of properties can buy fire insurance policies (including ordinary fire) for his safety and asset protection.

Fire Insurance is to protect people’s building, machineries, Furniture  and stock of goods from the risk of fire.

Insured period is from at least  10 days, one month, three months… up to one year. Premium depends on the

  • Riot Fire, Riot Strike damage including Fire, & Malicious Damage  
  • Air Craft Damage
  • Impact Damage 
  • Subsidence & Landslide 
  • Flood & Inundation
  • Earthquake Fire, Fire & Shock Damage caused by Earthquake 
  • Explosion    
  • Spontaneous Combustion    
  • Storm, Typhoon, Hurricane, Tempest    
  • War Risk    
  • Burglary    

No Claim Bonus can get (25%), the unexpected loss did not occur during one year.

Our Services

  • Motor Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Special Travel Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Marine Cargo Insurance