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Comprehensive Motor Insurance

motor insurance

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To give covers the liability of your cars and third party, if any loss or damage by insured motor vehicles.

Types of car which can be insured

  •   Private cars
  •   Commercial vehicles
  •   Good carrying vehicles
  •   Hired cars
  •   Bus
  •   Coaches (Taxi)
  •   Mobile Plants
  •   Ambulance, Fire engine, Religious vehicle, etc.

Some identities are need
1/ Register of vehicle
2/ Ownership contract
3/  4 photos of car (front, back,  left, right)

What can cover ?

  •   Accidental collision
  •   Overturning
  •   Fire or lightning, fire external explosion
  •   Impact damage caused by falling object
  •   Malicious act
  •   Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland, water way, lift or elevator.
  •   Third-party liability


Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion (72 hours only)   0.05% of sum insured
Wind Screen  5 % of wind screen value

Additional Covers

Act of god (flood, wind storm, earthquake)  0.05% of sum insured 
War risk 0.05% of sum insured
Theft, etc. 15% of basic premium



For death of any person   MMK   10 lkh (maximum)
For each person injured MMK 10 lkh (maximum)
For one event, third party liability for vehicle MMK 500  lkh (maximum)
For one event, third-party liability for motorcycle MMK 250  lkh (maximum)

No Claim Bonus

There’s no claim during 1st year, you can get NCB in next year.

  Private  Commercial/ Motorcycle 
After one year 25%  15%
After two years 30% 20%
After three years over 40% 25%

* If there any loss or damage for windscreen, it’s not affected in NCB.

Insured Period

3 months, 6 months, 9 months up to 1 year.
Policy can be renewed yearly.

Premium Calculation

Depends on Usage of car, Value, class of car model, engine cubic capacity, seating capacity and market price.

We attached proposals for comprehensive motor insurance .. you can download here.


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